About Us

Our position as a community organizer provides the much needed service of guiding those in need with appropriate services. A-AWA’s community outreach programs include: Assistance for newly arrived immigrants, support for critically ill Afghans and their families, language and citizenship classes, educational talks for the community, venue for youth volunteerism, clothing/food/medicine drives for the needy in Afghanistan, etc. We know that these services will be better provided with the establishment of a community center.

Our Directors:
- Shahla Ahmadi, President click here to read full bio
- Homaira Behsudi, Vice President click here to read full bio
- Nillab Pazhwak, Board Member click here to read full bio
- Nooria Faryar, Board Membeclick here to read full bio
- Homaira Fahimi, Treasurer click here to read full bio
- Palwasha Hassan, Board Member, Field Representative inside Afghanistan click here to read full bio
- Hosai Hesham, Founding Member click here to read full bio
- Sima Wali, Honorary Board Member

The very existence of A-AWA is a timely response to the growing needs of the Afghan Community residing in the Washington Metropolitan area. Our organization represents a safe harbor where social and cultural services, as well as sincere steadfast support for all manner of adversity can be obtained. Bringing awareness to our community regarding critical challenges and relevant issues breeds resolution and unity.

Shahla Ahmadi has led the way with co-founders Dr. Homaira Behsudi, Dr. Hosai Hesham, and Nilab Pazwhak. Together they formed the Afghan American Women’s Association which was granted Non-Profit charitable status on April 2009 by the state of Virginia. A-AWA operates under section 501 © (3) code of the Internal Revenue Service.

The inaugural launch of A-AWA was a huge success with eager attendance by many. At the launch ceremony on Oct 2009 the A-AWA introduced itself, its members, its critical mission, and the much needed services the organization brings to the Afghan Community. Since that wonderful birth and generous acceptance into our Community, the A-AWA has grown by way of its critical mission, guidance and wisdom from our Senior Circle events, and the honored attendance of our symposium by the powerful and moving guest, Ms. India D’Afghanistan. Her work is legendary and tireless and we are privileged to experience her wisdom in our own community.

A-AWA will continue to provide positive impact and progress toward empowering all those in our Community who need help with education and resources to overcome adversity.

Mission: AAWA is dedicated to serving as a platform from which we can assist the Afghan community to reach their full potential, and become productive individuals within our culture and society. AAWA aims to promote social, educational, cultural, and human rights awareness by providing community development and support services. It serves as the linchpin connecting Afghan community Community, and preserve Culture

Vision: AAWA Vision is to build a Community Center, which will serve as a permanent structural foundation where the Afghan community can benefit from coordinated services aimed at preserving culture and heritage. AAWA is committed to serving as a bridge that carries basic needs to the most vulnerable populations in Afghanistan, as well as support from Afghan-American community in the form of humanitarian assistance and critical infrastructure building projects.


Guiding Principles

1. Promotion and sharing of Afghan traditions and culture;

2. Partnership with community groups and other Afghan-focused organizations;

3. Respect for diversity in individual values and religious faiths; and

4. Awareness of and support for Afghan women facing challenges unique to the Afghan community.